What is it?
DS Dundee is a Scottish brand whose mission is to support the quality of  design, fabrics and manufacturing that the UK has to offer.

Where does it come from?
Founded in Scotland in 1994 and relaunched in 2008 after a short hiatus, DS Dundee sources its manufacturers from in and around the UK. This new collection features a Harrington jacket produced exclusively by Manchester based Cooper Stollbrand, shirts by Rayner and Sturges of Kent and knitwear by William Lockie of Hawick, Scotland. There's also accessories like the DSD umbrella, the result of a collaboration with the excellent Fox's of Croydon, who we've previously featured in the pages of the magazine.

Where would I wear it?
The smart-casual feel of the collection makes it ideal for dress down Fridays in the office and nights out. Check out some of the pieces from the new collection below

Where can I get it?

DS Dundee is stocked nationwide in a number of independent retailers, as well as online at www.dsdundee.com