What is it?
This is Marks & Spencer’s first foray into designer collaborations for men. Following on from the likes of Comme des Garcons and Karl Lagerfeld at H&M, they’ve gone for a London based designer Jsen Wintle. Don’t worry, most of the office hadn’t heard of him either. M & S have taken the admirable ‘artistic integrity’ route, refusing to sell out to a huge name. This then is a thinking man’s collaboration.

Where does it come from?

Wintle is a London based designer who showed for the first time back in 2005 and despite not being a household name (yet) he has plenty of high fashion credibility thanks to his well thought out evening wear- that’s black suits and tuxes. He’s also big in Russia, having set up a showroom and shown at Moscow fashion week. Marks & Spencer have a store in Chelsea right?

Is it any good?
Only time will tell. This will be all about the clothes because the chances are, the average marks and Spencer customer won’t buy it on the strength of the name alone. However if his previous efforts are anything to go by, there’ll be lots of simple, understated stuff in grey and black. The examples we’ve managed to get our hands on look very much in the ‘classics’ vein, with a few flourishes thrown in. Note the single button suit, the tailored fit of the jumper and the tuxedo style placket shirt. We’re impressed.

The collection will be available online and in selected stores nationwide from September. In the meantime there's a preview below.