What is it?
Baracuta's 'James' jacket, designed with cyclists in mind.

What's good about it?
The James is a tidy piece of function lead design. The sleeves and hem are cut longer to prevent you getting wet when you're on your bike, and all the zips are waterproof. There's no water getting in here. You'll also find toggles to pull the jacket tight, thus preventing any impromptu Batman impressions when zooming down hill. And, despite the flouncy fashion types not being in charge of the design, it looks rather good.

What's bad about it?
Well, the lack of scope for Batman impressions for a start, and despite the five hole vent system on the back of the jacket, it's bound to be a sweat box in there.

Retailing for £159 from this month, you can pick it up from www.baracuta-G9.com.