What is it?

ANTM is an American reality TV modelling competition, hosted by super model mogul Tyra Banks.  Each week the models compete to avoid elimination during tasks which test their posing, catwalk trot and fashion knowledge.  It's like the all girl Big Brother, without the racism or ugly people.

Why do we care?

America's Next Top Model is one of those rare tele-visual gems that only comes along every so often. It's a gift, from CBS Distribution, that you must certainly not ignore. Why? Because you have an excuse to oggle at fit, totally out of your league women whilst getting brownie points from your girlfriend (or the girl in your flat you're trying to sleep with) who desperately wants to watch it, all at the same time. Score!

Perks to watch out for

1/  Gratuitous nudity
There will inevitably be at least one nude group photoshoot where models will be encouraged to grope each other, all in the name of looking 'fierce' (Tyra's favourite model buzz word.) And no your girlfriend will not flick the side of your head or rush to cover your eyes. Instead, she will blithely ignore your lecherous behaviour and probably say something like "that brazillian girl in the middle is really pretty."  This is the magic of 'Top Model'.

2/ Bonehead comments
Laugh uncontrollably when the girls say psychotic or moronic things in front of the judges.

Tyra: "What do you find beautiful?"
Alison: "Nosebleeds."
Tyra: "I used to get them all the time as a kid."
Alison: "Jealous..."

Watch it on LivingTV at 9pm, Mondays. Your girlfriend will already be there.