Lily Cole is a model. She might even be a super model, but since the term 'super model' hasn't ever really been defined we'll never know. She's beautiful in that ghostly shade of pale way, with pretty perfect pins - that are longer than the average man's whole body - but she's also ambitious, quirky and apparently good at acting. Who knew? The cast of The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus are reportedly stunned by Cole's performance, because they probably assumed she'd be thick, rubbish and ruin the whole film, sullying poor Heath Ledger's good name.

As it happens, she didn't.  Phew.  Lily Cole totally pulled off her role (Valentina) as the hippy, traveling, theatre chick, and wasn't phased by the lunacy of the whole production, which arguably, could have made any perfectly sane actor want to kill himself... Too soon?  Anyway watch Lily Cole gasp and open her eyes really wide in The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus here.

Get more acquainted with Miss Cole by goggling at the gallery below.