Melanie Slade, until now, has simply been the extension of football hubby Theo Walcott. Now she is set to command the limelight, looking hotter than ever as the face of Helly Hansen’s new Ask & Embla brand. The range, from the Norway-based company, is inspired by nature and the mythical creation of the first man and woman in Norse folklore, who according to legend were of unparalleled beauty. Because she is fit. Inspired.

Winter has his icy claws crawling up the backs of the UK. Helly Hansen are the global leader of outdoor sportswear. So why not invest this winter and save money on heating bills or on paying for a house at all. Who knows, if you look cold enough in all Helly Hansen gear living on the street, you may even get a visit from Melanie Slade .

Here's the full image for your viewing pleasure: