What is it?
When Pirelli produce a calendar they don't mess about. For a start they consistently hire the world's best photographers to shoot it. Secondly they provide an enormous budget, and third? They use supermodels. Lots of supermodels.

What's good about it?
This year's calendar stars the biggest models in the world: Dasiy Lowe, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Lily Cole and Miranda Kerr amongst others. And the really good news? It's been shot by Terry Richardson who has the enviable talent of being able to make the world's sexiest women relax, be themselves and then take off all their clothes. The result is a calendar full of photos that you wouldn't expect to see from supermodels. Anna Beatrice Barros holding a cockerel (think about it), Catherine McNeil with a banana in her mouth (think about it again) and Daisy Lowe hosing herself down. That one needs no explanation.

What's bad about it?

Pirelli don't sell the calendar on the open market so it's unlikely that any of us will ever own one. However, we went to the Pirelli office last week and managed to take a few shots of it on our phone, Donal Macintyre style. The pictures below aren't likely to pop up on the internet soon, the ones described above you can already find on the web. Happy searching.

But before you do that, here's the making of video we posted a little while back. Definitely NSFW.