1/ Problem: Broken face and lips
Solution: Garnier UVSki

Even the least radical winter sports dudes know that mountain conditions are tough on the face. Panda eyes and chapped lips are both funny and cool until they start flaking and/or bleeding. Neither of these new products leaves a gummy white residue; so they’re as good for toning down a weathered ‘February face’ as they are on the slopes. Face Protection £8, Lip Care £3.79; nationwide

2/ Problem: Snowboarder’s foot
Solution: Flint Edge Foot Refresher

These deoderising creams are usually more effective than foot sprays. Flint’s range supposedly uses ‘shaman’-style ancient wisdom techniques when sourcing ingredients. Which, as marketing goes, is more impressive than ‘Because you’re worth it’.
125ml, £8; lookmantastic.com

3/ Problem: Commuter sweating
Solution: Sure Men Maximum Protection

Jumping in and out of warm buildings, cars and trains in big coats can produce a surprising amount of sweat. This powerful new cream inhibits perspiration for 48 hours; it’s particularly effective if applied at night, for example before stressful meetings with sexy finance directors. 45ml, £4.50; nationwide

4/ Problem: Weather beaten
Solution: Nickel Body Cooler Muscle Rub

Refreshing, moisturising menthol gel that revives tired muscles. Ideal after winter sports or any period of time spent under attack by the north wind. Combine with Dermacalogica salts (see left) for a bathtime rallying point.
200ml, £19; nickelspalondon.com