What is it?
Movember, formerly November, the month where everyone, ok mostly just men, are encouraged to grow a moustache to raise awareness of mens health issues, especially prostate cancer.

What's good about it?
Movember is probably the only time in your life that you'll have a legitimate excuse to grow a moustache. FHM tried it previously and were told we looked rubbish so we shaved it off. This time though, we have an excuse. Look out for gala parties, moustache get togethers and fellow 'Mo Bros' as anyone growing a moustache is officially known.

What's bad about it?
It's a charitable event so there's very little wrong with Movember at all, except that you might look a bit daft for a month. This is a small price to pay though.


Join the FHM team at Movember or go to Movember.com to find out more details and register, and if you're stuck for inspiration, take a look at our top five Mo's below.