1/ Use multi-functional products

One for you Leatherman fans: invest in a grooming tool that covers all bases. Remington’s 10 In 1 kit comprises a mini shaver; body, nose and ear trimmers; and two comb attachments for precision styling. Wilkinson Sword’s double-ended Freestyle razor, meanwhile, boasts a comb trimmer for your sideys and an ‘edging blade’ for tidying facial hair.

Remington All In One Navigator PG520 10 In 1 kit, £35; nationwide Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision Freestyle, £9; nationwide


2/ Go longer between hair cuts

Trim the nape of your neck and sideburns to maintain a tidy look. Use very sharp scissors and snip into it vertically, a little at a time. Use a grooming product that doesn’t set and allows hair to be restyled without using more or needing a wash, like Twisted Clay from Garnier Fructis.

V05 Extreme Style maneTamer, 150ml, £3; nationwide. Garnier Fructis Style Work It! Twisted Clay, 75ml, £3; nationwide


3/Make your razor blades last

On average, using one blade a month will cost £23 per year, as opposed to £45 if you use two, so get the most out of each blade. Use Giorgio Armani’s Scrubbing Mud or Gillette’s Pre Shave Scrub to prep the beard first. They’ll soften the hairs, making it easier for the blade to do its work.

Giorgio Armani Skin Minerals for Men Scrubbing Mud, 125ml, £20; Selfridges Gillette Pre Shave Scrub, 100ml, £5; Boots


4/ Be wary of false economising

Don’t forgo quality basics such as sunscreen or moisturiser. Alford & Hoff’s moisturiser contains sirtuin complex that surrounds and protects healthy skin cells. ClarinsMen Revitalizing Gel boasts derivatives from one of nature’s greatest antioxidants: the Goji berry.

Alford & Hoff Moisturizer, 50ml, £68; spacenk.com ClarinsMen Revitalizing Gel, 50ml, £28; uk.clarins.com


5/ Watch the dosage

Never use more than the recommended dosage; indeed, try to use less. Shadowy pharmaceutical giants always encourage frequent replacement. Buy stuff in pump-action packaging instead of pots.