Three easy and one drastic step to clean hair

Sometimes your hair becomes so unruly that only an industrial strength wax will do. Similar to masonry paint in texture and difficulty to remove, this is the follicle equivalent of selling your soul to the devil. Luckily, having grown up when boy bands were still cool,  the FHM team know a thing or two about removing wax from their hair. Here we dispense some sage advice to prevent you ending up like extra members of N Sync:

Step one:
Find yourself a non wax based product like a styling gel or clay, and apply that to your hair on top of your regular product. Work it in heavily so that it covers the hair sufficiently. When you wash your hair, the new product will dissolve in water and help to take the wax with it.

Step two:
Wash your hair with hot water, or at least warm. Anything room temperature or below will cause the wax to start setting, making it almost impossible to remove.

Step three
Choose a decent shampoo for greasy hair and don't be shy with it. Massage it into your hair and if needed, wash your hair more than once, rinsing throughly between washes.

The last resort
If all else fails, cut it short and start again.