Awesome man chairs: Give your backside a treat with living room luxury for under £500…

New Yorker
Why’s it good? Turn your living room into an exclusive bar with cool furniture, where you get the best seat and there’s no queue at the bar. The New Yorker chair is available in brown, cream, black, orange and this citrusy, lime green, luxury leather.
Gimme: £399;


Ikea Tylösand
Why’s it good? You know how you wanted the AT-AT and X-Wing, but your mum said you had to save up for it? Well the same idea can now be applied to furniture. On its own, this is a dead-comfy armchair, but save your pennies and buy two, and you’ve got a sofa. Clever, eh?
Gimme: £199;


Why’s it good? It sounds like a kinky souvenir from a night out with Max Mosley, but this is a ground-breaking ’20s design classic made from chromed steel and leather. It’s much more comfortable than it looks, and you’ll never lose your phone or remote down the side.
Gimme: £145;


Ball chair
Why’s it good? Designed in 1966 by Eero Aarnio, this iconic spherical number has cropped up in many kitsch sci-fi classics… and Men In Black. Originals cost thousands, but this reproduction will only set you back one month’s rent – bargain!
Gimme: £495;


Why’s it good? Interior design types would call this cool all-leather sling a ‘statement chair’ and they’d hiss disapprovingly if anyone dared sit on it. Sod that! Although it looks more like a sculpture, it’s deceptively accommodating… even if you’re on the wrong side of fat.
Gimme: £499;


Arima armchair
Why’s it good? Can’t be trusted with red wine? Sofa smells like a musroom farm? You need Tokujin Yoshioka’s Arima armchair. Okay, so he didn’t design it for clumsy fools – he wanted a cool chair for inside and out – but the result is a wipe-clean classic not even you can ruin.
Gimme: £365;


iJoy 100
Why’s it good? Gaming isn’t sexy, but gaming chairs are super comfy and girls do love a good massage. What’s the solution? Gentlemen, we give you the iJoy 100: a slick gaming chair for you, with four massage modes for the ladies.
Gimme: £399;


Why’s it good? Not strictly an armchair, but not exactly a beanbag either – the Fatboy is all things to all slouchers. Lay it flat and you’ve got a sqidgy love cushion; sit on it end up and you’re supported just like a proper chair. Or, just dive on it and pass out post pub.
Gimme: £150;


Maine leather club chair and footstool
Why’s it good? A proper private members’ club chair at a youth club price. The Pier’s is made from quality leather that’ll get better as it gets battered over the years. Every man should own a leather chair sometime – it’s the law.
Gimme: £399;


Ikea Stockholm Easy Chair
Why’s it good? Gaff a little snug? Guests sit on the floor while you kick back in La-Z-Boy luxury? This comfy seat comes in loads of different covers, is cheap, and is compact enough for even the pokiest pads.
Gimme: £189;


Blow the budget chairs: Premier League chairs with Premier League price tags

Eames Lounger and footstool
Why’s it good? The ultimate ’60s design icon that’s still as stylish today as it was with Twiggy draped all over it. Its moulded ply and super-soft leather look the business, but this is also one seriously comfortable chair that even makes falling asleep with a kebab in your lap look sophisticated.
Gimme: £4,263;


Villain Chair
Why’s it good? Tropical island with volcano – check; maniacal laugh – check; army of henchmen – check. This world-dominating design is essential for any evil villain. Made from chrome, steel aluminium and leather, it demands respect from even the most flippant spy, but is still comfy enough to chill out in after a spot of genocide.
Gimme: £4,500;


Hip Hop chair
Why’s it good? After a hard day’s chizzlin’ at the hip hop coal face, moguls, rappers, and producers still need a place to park their arses. And what could be better than this solid wood throne, complete with unnecessary gold leaf. Okay, so it’ll clash with your mum’s curtains, but this is clearly the chair of a man destined for greatness (or at least Channel U).
Gimme: £2,345;


Oblong Cappellini by Jasper Morrison
Why’s it good? The bean bag has finally grown up. Each of the sections of this super-squishy design zip together to form an armchair. So what? Well, as your bank balance and floor space goes up, so can the number of people who don’t have to sit on the floor when they visit. Available in fabric or leather.
Gimme: from £897;