What is it?
The Obaku refugee watch, made to benefit the charity Refugees United which helps refugees find lost relatives. Obaku will make a donation to the charity for every Refugee watch that is sold.

Where does it come from?
Made by the designers behind Lacoste, Gant and Kenneth Cole watches, there’s a lot of thought gone into these new watches. Most notably, the battery used to power the thing is one of the first not to contain lead or mercury, instead using silver oxide, making it more friendly to the environment. More importantly though, it will work in temperatures as extreme as minus 20 and plus 60 degrees.

Where should I wear it?
This watch should serve you well pretty much anywhere. The black and silver colour scheme mean it won’t look out of place as a dress watch but it also has a Kevlar and silicone bonded strap, special Titan glass which is ten times stronger than conventional watch glass and is water resistant to three metres. So if you’ve been invited to an international fundraising dinner and expect things to turn ugly, this is the watch for you.

Where can I get one?
The watches are available from the Obaku website as of September.