What is it?
Superdry watches launch this month with the introduction of the Superdry Jelly watch that comes in blue, white, green, black orange and pink. It's also got Superdry written on the strap in big letters. In case you forgot where you got it.

What's good about it?
Superdry realise that watches can be a divisive thing. Too flash and you're a show off, too big and you're compensating. That's why the Superdry jelly watch has been designed to be a slick, minimal model that does exactly what it's supposed to and nothing else. Except look good.

What's bad about it?
With its bright colors this might not be the easiest watch to wear with something smart like a blazer.

The Superdry Jelly watch retails for £39.99 from all good Superdry stores from the 1st of October. Form an orderley queue.

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