What's this then?
P ZERO trainers from the Pirelli clothing brand

What's good about them?

Pirelli's P ZERO designers include former creative director of Prada Sport, Sandro Mandrino so there's certainly some decent style pedigree involved. There's also the fact that, as the P ZERO is also a tyre produced by Pirelli, the soles of the P ZERO shoes are based on the tread of their namesake. We're not sure this will make you walk any faster though.

What's bad about them?
You may need two different pairs for wet and dry conditions...

For the full collection go to www.pzeroweb.com, and if you fancy a pair, there are stockists nationwide including Neckline in London, Sidewalk in Merseyside and Flannels in Manchester. There's also www.milanclothing.com if you want to buy online. Call 0207 479 7130 for a full list. Prices start at £149.


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