What is it?
Banana Republic's new tailoring range, handy with Christmas fast approaching. (Assuming you've been invited to the office party)

Tell me more:
Banana Republic realise that men aren't all a standard suit size, and subsequently offer  the in-between sizes too. That means if you're too big for a 32" and too small for a 34", you can get yourself a 33". Simple. It's also pretty good stuff too, with something for everyone. There's the more modern Monogram collection that offers a leaner silhouette, and for traditionalists there's the Heritage collection which includes classic suit fabrics like worsted wool. There are also trained fitting experts in store to help you get the right suit for your shape.

You'll have to make your way to Banana Republic's flagship store on Regent Street in London to get your hands on the new range. In the meantime have a look at the new collection at www.bananarepublic.eu

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