What is it?
The Berluti knot, as taught to all the customers of the exclusive, hand made French shoe retailer of the same name. Legend has it that the knot was taught to Olga Berluti by the Duke of Windsor, who was reluctant to let her tie his laces for him.

What's good about it?
Whilst the shoes might be a little out of our price range unless Manchester City offer us a contract, the knot itself should be embraced. It should never come undone of its own accord, looks neater than a double knot and will pull loose with the minimum of effort. You can't argue with that.

What's bad about it?
It's a little complicated to explain in words, but here goes.....

How do we do it?
Begin by crossing one lace over the other and wrapping it round as usual, then wrap it round once more and pull tight. Make a loop with the left lace and tie it with the right lace as if making a bow, but instead of pulling it tight, pull the end of the lace through and around, as in step one, to make a new loop, then pull tight. It should look like the knot in the picture above, and here's a close up to help.