What is it?
More sales? We hear you cry, these menswear retailers are worse than Land of leather. Maybe, but Manchester retailer Oi Polloi's summer sale has got to be worth a mention regardless.

What's good about it?
Oi Polloi's quality of buying means that even when it's sale time, there's still plenty of stuff worth nabbing. At last look we saw Acne, Ralph Lauren, Belstaff and APC to name but a few, and it's all with at least 50 % off.

What's bad about it?
As with all sales, a bit of hunting is required to find something in your size, but hey, at least you're not fighting the general public for floor space.

Our top sale picks:

There's the YMC hunting jacket in the main picture on sale for £99, down from £245, plus these three beauties:

Ralph Lauren custom fit polo.£32, down from £65

Feiyue canvas trainer £24, down from £49

Belstaff Riley jacket £179, down from £349