Like Claire Raynor but with even more roguish charm, there's is no sartorial problem our new style Agony Uncle, Foggy, can't solve. Tweet your questions to: @FHM_STYLE

PROBLEM ONE - PATCHY DENIM: All of my jeans wear out in the crotch area. How can I avoid this happening and is there a make I can get hold of that is more hard wearing?

Foggy SAYS: This seems to be a common problem for men, not just those with the gait of a penguin. We’ve seen it in all types of denim so can’t recommend an indestructible brand. Instead we sought help from Wade Taylor, Diesel’s denim brand manager.

“It shouldn’t matter what type of denim you buy, if the fit is wrong, the denim will wear out in the crotch.” Diesel has developed new denim called the T400 which is extremely tolerant to washing and should have a much longer lifespan. Wade also suggests the following:

1. “A heavier weight denim is better for strength and durability, but is not necessarily as comfortable.”

2. “When shopping for denim ask the assistants in store to help you find the right fit and ask about the rise.”

3. “Finally, some of best pairs of jeans I have, I’ve repaired more than once. Don’t throw busted denim away, the repairs add to the character.”

PROBLEM TWO - SAFE HATS: Summer’s here and I want to wear a hat but don’t want to look like a dandy or someone who’s suffering from leukemia. What shall I go for? 

Foggy SAYS: Hats are a potential minefield and, as you have rightly pointed out, it’s all too easy to end up looking like Roy Castle. To avoid looking overly flamboyant you need something no nonsense, like the pork pie hat. The brim will keep the sun or rain out of your eyes and the compact shape means you can wear it pulled down or sat on the back of your head, indie-style.

There are great examples available from and Topman but if you’re going to wear it a lot, we’d suggest investing in quality. Janet Taylor of venerable London hatters James Lock & Co suggests the following:

1. “Hats come in sizes and the best way to find out what hat or cap suits is to visit a hatter where you can have your head measured [across the mid-forehead and above the ears].”

2. “There is currently a fashion for the smaller brimmed trilbies and pork pie hats. In general a medium or wide brim suits a square jawed face whereas a narrow, taller crown would suit a longer face.”

3. “Finally, a note on etiquette: It is only appropriate to wear a hat indoors if you are in the lobby of a building or in a hat shop.”

PROBLEM THREE - DARK SUITS: I have a black suit. Can I get away with wearing a brown belt and brown shoes with it?

Foggy SAYS: The short answer is no, it’s not okay. There is an old English saying that says you should ‘never wear brown in town’. Loosely updated this means that brown brogues, traditionally associated with the countryside, are not suitable for work.

The same applies to belts. More importantly, brown and black clash, meaning they look awful next to each other. We would suggest the following:

1. If you’ve bought some black trousers, stick to black shoes or, if you’re looking for something a little different, try grey leather.

2. At work, the best colour trouser to wear brown shoes with is navy, but make sure that your shoes are properly polished. Brown leather will not hide scuffs the way black does.

3. Matching your belt to your shoes is vital so wear your brown shoes when you go belt shopping, and look for a plain, polished leather example.