Hat full of straw

Hats are ‘in’ but choosing the right one is tricky. This example would go well with the jeans and T-shirt if you had trainers on because it’s quite casual. With the smart shoes and mac, however, it clashes and looks very forced. A black version would suit the smart look better.

In too deep

V-neck T-shirts are fine as long as they aren’t so deep you can see your belly button. Worn with the coat, this look needs softening, so try wearing a shirt over the top of the T-shirt, or simply wear it alone on very hot days as it’s meant to be.

The coat is always on

The mac is a failsafe item of clothing, except when worn with your chest proudly on show. Open and billowing in the wind, women will think you are trying to trap them in its folds, like Cloak out of Cloak & Dagger in the Marvel comics. No need to change the coat, just wear a shirt or jumper with it instead.

Low Man’s Lyric

The jeans are fine, but wearing them so low is unforgivable, as is the white belt with the burgundy shoes. Time and again outfits are let down by bad co-ordination like this.

If I were in your shoes

Avoiding white shoes was a good move. Replacing them with a pair of burgundy mock brogues wasn’t. Combined with the hat and the deep V-neck these look totally out of place. Go for brown lace-ups instead.


Alone, together

This is an outfit where the sum of the parts is much worse than the individual components. There are things here that would be fine on their own, but like mixing hairdryers and bath water, pork pie hats and deep V-neck T-shirts will not work. Instead of the rock god who has violent heroin sex with supermodels that you’d hoped for, you’ll become a pseudo trendy trying all the tricks at once to become cool.