What's this?
A great promo clip from The Firm, the new Nick Love film, a remake of the 1988 football gang classic.

Why all the sportswear?
Think tracksuits are just for the law botherers who hang around outside Budgens on a Friday night? Think again. Back in the 80's when sportswear was at its peak, tracksuits, especially the likes of the Fila Terrinda were one of the most coveted items on the high street. After an eternity spent sourcing materials to get the reproductions just right, Fila have relaunched the Terrinda, tying in nicely with The Firm, as it is undoubtedly what all the Top Boys on the terrace would have been wearing.

Take a look at our exclusive fashion shoot featuring the cast of The Firm, wearing some of the best 80's revival sportswear below, all of which is available from 80's casual classics.co.uk