Terms and conditions


Terms & conditions for submission of photographs to FHM for consideration as a FHM model.

- Girls may be selected by FHM’s editorial team (the editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard) and invited to attend a photo shoot. Please note, FHM promote natural physical beauty so girls who appear to be surgically enhanced are unlikely to be successful.
- Please include your name, age, location, occupation, bra size and mobile number and your email address when you send your photos to us.
If you are asked to attend a photo shoot, a member of the FHM team will contact you by return email (to the email address you used to send the photos). Prior to attending a photo shoot, you may be asked to sign additional terms and conditions.
- You must own the copyright in your photos; the photos must not be owned by a professional photographer.
- You accept that by sending photos to us you grant permission to Bauer Consumer Media Limited (FHM’s publisher) to use them in both print and digital form and to use them on its websites and in its magazines.
- You accept that Bauer Consumer Media Limited is not obliged to use your photos. You confirm that you have complied with the rules on acceptable use and user submitted content in our terms and conditions at: http://www.bauerlegal.co.uk/website-terms.html.
- If you send us your photos for consideration, you confirm that:
    - you are over 18 years old and were over 18 years old when the photo(s) were taken (you must  upload a scanned version of your photo ID to prove that you are over 18 years old);
    - you have permission from all persons appearing in the photos to submit them to FHM for publication on FHM’s website / in FHM magazine / on FHM’s Twitter account / on FHM’s Facebook page or as otherwise required by Bauer Consumer Media Limited;
    - all persons appearing in the photos are over 18 years old;
that the photo is your own original work and/or that you have permission from the owner of the work to license it to us;
you haven’t submitted anything which belongs to another person without their consent.
    - you will only send your photos to us once.
- only photos of girls will be considered.

Model Safety
If you are asked to attend a photo shoot, a member of the FHM team will contact you (via email). This contact will be made via one of our official email accounts (ending @FHM.com).

Only trust emails ending @FHM.com.

Never send photos, personal details, or arrange to meet someone unless you are 100 per cent sure that they are a member of staff. You can clarify this by emailing girlfriend@FHM.com. If you have any questions, doubts, fears or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


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Terms & Conditions

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