What is it?
The Air Maxim, an updated version of the Air Max 1 that was originally released by Nike in 1987.

Where does it come from?
Nike decided it was time for a revamp of the Air Maxim after twenty years of loyal service. Retaining the styling but updating the technology that went into it, Jesse Leyva, design director at Nike said of the Maxim "We took the original Air Max 1 design brief and ran it through a present day filter.It was paramount to be true to the original design brief and make a running shoe that can perform to the highest standards."

Where would I wear it ?
With technology including the use of the new Ace span mesh that reduces shoe weight, increases strength and moves with the foot, the Air Maxim is still a fine running shoe. That said, if we had a pair of these fresh out of the box, the last thing we'd be doing is taking them for a run. Save them for a special occasion instead.

Where can I get them?
The Air maxim is available now from www.nikesportswear.com. Expect to pay £90.