FHM's 100 Great Adventures 2009

Posted by , 07 July 2009

FHM's 100 Great Adventures 2009


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    The world's most dangerous roadtrip

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    And one crap one – Safari on a Segway

Words: The entire FHM team

It's that time of year again. In an effort to prove there is more out there than a yearly exodus to Ibiza for all-inclusive access to VD, bad pills and third-degree facial burns, our global team have been to Afghanistan and back again to find 100 heart–squeezing, neck–throttling, eyeball–popping, lung–crushing, life–affirming adventures you'd willingly risk your life, or at least a limb, for. 

Breaking down near a Taliban stronghold. Getting soaked by your own 9G propelled vomit. Jumping off a ruddy great waterfall. Clubbing at 3am in a train carriage on the French border. Undergoing ninja training in Tokyo's shadowy back-streets. 

We've filmed most of it, and there are links on every adventure to let you get involved. And let us know if you think we've missed anything - there's always 2010... 

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