Adam Deacon, star of Payback Season (and Kidulthood, Adulthood, etc) collects vinyl. And not in a half-assed way; he's got over 600 discs crammed into his flat.

We met him and asked him to narrow down his collection to 5 records that are really important to him. We also asked him to draw a monster, during the chat:

Adam Deacon
FUN FACT: Adam Deacon used every single colour of felt tip we brought with us, then diligently returned them to the pencil case

As you can see, he drew a man smoking a cigarette. "Alright kids, as you can see," he said, holding it up to the camera, "Smoking is bad. And if you do it, it can kill you. So don't start." Wise words. If you're a child, and you're trying to quit, we're trying to do it in the office and you can follow us every week.

So, Adam. Big question first. What's your favourite record?

“One of my favourite records is Dizzee Rascal – Boy In Da Corner. Everyone was buying it on CD, and I got it on vinyl, and I've still got it... I like the colour as well, the skinny version of Dizzee in the corner. It was a very... legendary album. It broke a lot of boundaries.”

And are there any records you just can't replace, that you'd be upset to lose?

“I remember buying a lot of Wiley's White Labels, and you just can't buy them anymore... you'll never be able to get them again. He only made a small number of them, too. I have to be really careful with those.

"I'm pissed off, actually, 'cause I snapped a record last night. I was just having a little mix in my room, and I slipped and it snapped – and it's just my luck that it's one of the ones that you can't replace. It's from a big garage name called Ice Cream records – they were huge back in the day – and it's gone, now, you can't download it, you know?”

Say you and your mates are back from the pub at about 11.30, and you're a bit rowdy. What do you whack on then?

“I might drop Party Hard by Donae'o and then mix in Eskimo – yknow, whum whum WHUM whum -  yeah yeah yeah, those two mixed together would sound quite sick, yeah.” (above is Party Hard - we tried mixing it with Eskimo on the YouTube Doubler and, yeah, it does sound sick. In fact, it sounds terminally ill)

And what about the night after the party?

“Slow Jam or something, yeah... nice and chilled, you've hopefully got the girl from the night before so.. a chilled out, slow vibe.” (In the original interview, we thought Adam said “Slow Jam by Satin” which was, presumably, some cool band we'd never heard of. But apparently not. So here's a song called Slow Jam that you can listen to, which features a chubby fellow called Twista rapping about having “Deep Sex,” which is fine if you're into that sort of thing)

Say you're seducing a lady, finally. What's on the stereo?

If you can have sex unironically to this, we salute you

“Might have to go for the Luther Vandross... just drop that, subtly, invite her round and just – ungh – put it on. Hopefully you can get one of those remote controls so you can subtly turn it us as the night progresses and things get a bit heated.” 

Would you feel alright explaining that, to a woman? That part of your seduction technique was slowly increasing a Luther Vandross record in volume until she wanted to have sex with you?

“I haven't actually got a remote control like that! Although, well, I am saying that I'd maybe like to get one. Just subtle. So you could set the mood, and she'd be like “Wow! As we're kissing the music just rose up... how did the music do that, and how did the lights dim?” Yeah. When I get my new house, I'm gonna geek out and rig it up like that.

Like Quagmire's house, in Family Guy.

Payback Season

BONUS ADAM DEACON POSTER CONTENT: “I've never had my face on a poster this big. I've had to invest in a lot of hoodies... although, to be honest, I kind of want to take a picture next to one, but last time I saw one I was on my own. I didn't want to stand on Tottenham Court Road and take a picture of myself next to my own poster, 'cause that's kind of sad.”

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