We’ve noticed that pretty much everybody loves American Dad! And what’s not to like about it? Yes, talking German goldfish, strung out gay aliens, a lead character who has a chin that looks like an arse, and a style of comedy you can only describe as ‘being ambushed by ridiculousness’ is funny. Very funny.

It’s almost as funny as how people’s faces look when they stand in a wind tunnel. Bahahahahaa. Almost. *

Therefore, it is with much joy that we bring you an exclusive clip from Season 6. Yes, we have it and now you can watch it! Oh, what's that? You've already watched it? At the top of the page? Oh, right. Yeah. You can watch it again, though!

*Google ‘faces in windtunnel’. How 'bout that, eh?

American Dad! Season 6 is available on DVD now