The answer, of course, is yes. You can take any car you want to football. FHM, for example, regularly hops in our girlfriend’s orange and pink shade-shifting Nissan Micra on a Saturday morning. It’s like one of those Hot Wheels cars that changes colour when you put it in hot water, but soon stops working, becoming neither one colour or another. People in the street point and there are smirks at traffic lights. Once, when we took a wrong turn at Shepherd’s Bush on a sunny afternoon in August, for a good ten minutes it was basically the main attraction at the Notting Hill carnival.

But it gets us there. It gets us back. The radio works. We’re happy.

So what about a Smart car? The problem with driving a Smart car to football is that there’s no off-the-shelf guarantee you can fit a kit bag and a bunch of footballs inside and still have room to move your elbows. This was FHM’s main concern when presented with the key to the Smart car you see above; a collaboration with British streetwear label, Boxfresh.

But you know what? You CAN fit the kit and balls in there.


The ‘smart fortwo Boxfresh style edition’ car features:

Sleek black body panel covers
Vibrant cognac leather interior
Titanium headlights
15” black alloys
Heated seats
LED daytime running lights
A unique 1 of 55 badge on the glovebox, because there are only 55 of them

That's 13 shirts, 8 balls and no trophies

It’s nippy off the lights, with paddle gears on the steering wheel. And you only have to change up, it does the down shifts for you. Believe it or not, the speedometer goes up to 100mph, although you get the feeling that you’d need a very long run up. The cognac leather interior and heated seats, however, are SUH-WEET.

But what happens when you arrive at football? What’s the damage, banter-wise?

Midfielder Sam Parton
“They’re deceptively spacious. Not to be scorned at.”
Midfielder Ben Moss
"Ayrton Senna once said he drove by touch, instinct and within a different dimension and yet even the great man would struggle to make those dimensions look remotely cool. The smart car is too small for a man, even if it makes parking in London convenient."
Winger James Kibbey
“It looks like the kind of car that Batman would buy for his wife.”
Striker Richard Rudden
“I would be more concerned about losing the car than the keys, you could easily find it down the back of the sofa.”

And when FHM posted a picture on Twitter?

“Yikes! What the hell is that?”
“It just needs a little line of LEDs across the bonnet and a sarcastic tone.”
“Please don’t tell me it’s replacing the Micra? Also, is that a vajazzle on the trim?”
“It looks Smart... (hahahahahahahahahahah)”

So there you go.

Exclusive to the UK, the smart fortwo Boxfresh style edition is available to order now from all smart retailers, with an on-the-road price of only £11,700