FHM spends a lot on sandwiches. Setting aside the occasional ill-advised foray into sushi and salad, they are – fittingly enough – the bread and butter of lunchtime eating. But, very rarely, one encounters a sandwich of such intense flavour, such epic construction, such sheer, meaty genius, that it ceases to be simply midday ballast. It transcends the very ideology of the “bread, meat, bread” format and becomes something else entirely. The sandwich becomes legend. Here, we hungrily salute the very best.

Chris Mooney, Editor "Easy. Here's five steps to sandwich heaven. 1) Go to New York. 2) Find Katz Deli (it’s in the Bowery somewhere, it’s where Meg Ryan faked the orgasm in that film). 3) Queue up with the ancient Yiddish men, tourists and Benny from the Bronx types. 4) Order “pastrami on rye” and marvel at the 12 inch thick slab of heart attack thwacked in front of you. 5) Eat."

David Clack, Deputy Editor “For me, the combination of chicken (or turkey) with bacon is key. So it’s a close fight between mum’s boxing day special (turkey, bacon, stuffing, cranberry), and a piled-high New York deli chicken club. Either way, don’t forget the mayo.”

Paul French, Senior Writer “I don’t know about greatest, but I do know what I like when I’m all hungover and alone in the house, with no one to witness my behaviour. I get a soft and squidgy hot dog roll and stuff it with Philadelphia cream cheese. Then insert two microwaved frankfurters and half a pack of crushed up salt ‘n’ vinegar crisps. And that’s it. It’s the sandwiching equivalent of a Pot Noodle, utterly devoid of any nutritional value or self-respect. I love it.”

Tom Howard, Staff Writer “The way a hot salt beef bagel melts in your mouth is incomparable. If well made, a clumsy lashing of English mustard and a sliced pickled gherkin should separate the roughly hacked pink meat and warm crunchy bread. The combination of the ingredients is so correct you won’t even notice how life-threateningly thirsty you are immediately after eating it.”

Jamie Counter, Web Producer “If you’re looking to build mass, you really need to get yourself something packed with high-protein meats. I usually start the day with a thick slab of turkey between two pieces of rye, washed down with a protein shake. Then, grab onto the nearest door frame and do 60-80 chin ups. You’ll arrive at your desk feeling basically like a God, with a bonk-on you could club a seal with.”

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