Dracula’s pounding at the door again, the garlic in the kitchen is all old and crispy, and you drank the rest of the holy water this morning after a hard night. You need the perfect stake. And we’re here to help.

Sorry, you mean the perfect STEAK. In part two of our guide, Chef FHM experts Arthur Potts-Dawson (from the award-winning Acorn House restaurant in London) and FHM features editor Ben Wilson (link to Phelps vid) go through exactly how you cook your recently-acquired meaty goodness.

How many minutes do you cook a steak to get the perfect medium-rare result? Three minutes? Five minutes? Wrong. Watch the video for the ultimate lesson, and just to be sure, we also road-tested the results on three lingering High Street Honeys with predictably lip-smacking results.

Like what you see? Then head to Ocado to buy all the meat discussed above, and start happily munching your way to carnivorous nirvana.

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