Welcome to Chef FHM. It’s not just an awesome pun, it’s a series of 26 videos that, over the next few months, will teach every FHM reader out there how to become the kitchen guru that today’s women all seem to demand and expect. It also means you get to eat the kind of food you deserve.

We’ve got the ultimate fry-up, the best sandwich ever invented, a meal that will seduce any woman who eats it (successfully road-tested by three High Street Honeys), how to choose and make the best steak, curries, tips, kitchen kit, even six ways with toast.

Taking the side of you, the reader, is FHM features editor Ben Wilson. He can’t cook. Trust us. On the other is Arthur Potts-Dawson. Splendid name, splendid man. He owns London’s greatest new restaurant Acorn House and is now a lifelong friend of FHM (although he has some problems with toast, see above), He has been tasked with turning us all into Ramsay-beating, lunch-dominating, barbeque-ruling legends.

See below for all the recipes we’ve put on the site so far. We’ll update this page every two weeks with more as we add them, and we also want you to send in any Chef FHM-inspired creations. If you’ve got anything good, drop a line to chris@fhm.com or post it on our Twitter feed, because we’ve got plenty of free kitchen equipment to giveaway. We’ll also post the best reader videos.

And to make your life even easier, you’ll also be able to buy all the ingredients for every meal at Ocado.

Bon appetit.

On Chef FHM so far:

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