Shopping in a ‘click’
Try’s revolutionary Instant Order gizmo. It’s an intuitive, one-click service that fills your shopping basket based on what you’ve bought previously. In other words, it’s quicker than sending your missus to the shop.

Sunday lunch delivered (but not cooked - that’s what the recipes are for!)
Ocado now delivers on Sundays; get ingredients delivered straight to your kitchen for a little roast dinner treatment . Easy, yes, like Sunday mornings….

“What shall I have for dinner?”
Ever sat at work wondering what to sort for dinner? Wonder no more. Ocado’s fully searchable recipe library has stacks of dishes to drool over - all with handy printout-and-keep index cards, simple instructions and ready-to-buy ingredient lists.

Ocado is not Waitrose is an award-winning online supermarket set up to deliver you quality food, drink and household stuff at a time which suits you. It’s super-convenient, always on time, and a bit eco - it’s a no brainer!

It’s cheaper than Waitrose and matches Tesco
Under Ocado’s ‘Internet Only Prices’ guarantee over 4,000 Waitrose products are cheaper to buy at than in Waitrose stores. Plus it does matches Tesco prices on branded items. Sorted.

Ocado’s on the iPhone
Ocado is the first supermarket to launch an application on the iPhone, taking ‘on the go’ food shopping quite literally. The Ocado On The Go app provides the quickest, easiest way to do the weekly shop and the best bit is that you can even do your shopping on the Tube with the order automatically updating when an internet connection is made.

A generous helping of LIFE
Ocado’s radically changed the layout of its website and receipts to clearly illustrate use-by dates. The new-look Ocado receipt itemises fresh food by the day of the week on which it need to be eaten, making meal-planning as simple as possible. Nice….

Affordable Everyday
Ocado has its very own Credit Crunch-busting line of groceries. The Ocado Everyday range offers shopping basket staples at lower prices; fresh fruit and vegetables sit alongside a popular line-up of meat cuts, tasty ready meals and essential dairy products.

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