You may not realise it, but you're giving off sex signals mate.

Standing up on the bus? Sex signals. Pumping iron at the gym? Sex signals. Hunched over your laptop with the blinds drawn at 10am eating cold curry in your underpants? You guessed it. Sex signals. And that's before you've logged onto Chat Roulette.

Don't believe us? Then take the word of relationship psychologist Miranda Kersley, who insists that our Facebook profile pictures are constantly transmitting subliminal messages to potential partners.

Thought you'd just picked the best of a bad bunch from 'STEVE B.DAY 2010'? Uh-uh. You're wailing from the treetops like the horny, desperate monkey you are.

To learn more, we gathered some (genuine) Facebook profile pictures, including our own, and asked Miranda to tell us exactly what they're saying...

Liam (left)
'Here's a man who likes to appear mysterious to future partners. He also thinks he's better looking than his mate, and that this might improve his chances. Liam's a bit wild - look at the setting - a festival. He likes a good laugh and doesn’t mind being the figure of fun. I suspect he's rather popular with the ladies...'

'This character desperately needs to see himself as cool; proven by the bandana, shades and the lager. He's a bit deluded though - if you look at the setting it’s not exactly Santa Barbara.'

'A warm person, she has no background and no body shot, making her seem intense and thoughtful. She wants to be taken for herself rather than in a context or with friends or for her body.'

'Wants to be seen as lovable, intense and good fun - albeit maybe taking things a bit far at times. Prone to getting wasted, and using drink as a comforter.'

'This guy is serious, but wants to appear to be laid back. He looks like he is bright and wants to be seen as a good guy who is interested in values and events outside of himself, seen by the T-shirt he is working.'

'Introverted character who is particularly preoccupied with his interests. Obviously including in birds. The fact he's not looking at the camera says that he is not that interested in promoting himself to a future partner.'

'Cool, well-dressed and well manicured - this man cares about how he look, but wants to be seen to be down to earth, as indicated by the football table.'

Steph (right)
'These two are fun, and although they show body shots, they're not preoccupied with their appearance, even though they look good. This photo demonstrates a good spirit. But what they're looking for is unclear... a threesome!?'

'This person likes to demonstrate that she likes the outdoors, is relaxed and not interested in high fashion. She is friendly and engaging.'

'This guy is direct, engaging and a bit of a joker. He's aware of other people, quite fit and works to look after himself physically. Goes with the flow. Very attractive.'

So there you have it.

Thanks to all our brave Facebook models for taking part.

Miranda Kersley is the resident relationship coach at