11 tips to get any woman you want!

Posted by , 26 August 2009

11 tips to get any woman you want!


Richard La Ruina, author of The Natural Art Of Seduction and CEO of PUA Training, teaches you how to get any woman you want. Until he was twenty-one, he had never kissed a girl. Now he has trained over 3,000 guys to become genuine ladies men. The urge to compare him to Hitch is uncontrollable but he was actually on the scene just before that movie broke. Plus he’s white and not quite as famous as Will Smith. What he is, is more successful with women.

A recent client visited Richard at the age of forty-five, having never kissed a girl. After 5 hours he had taught the aging virgin to get a woman and kiss her. We saw this relatively untapped resource and asked him to give us some tips on how to get the ultimate hard-to-have women. The threesome, the supermodel, on the street digits, the friend, public sex, and the stripper are just some of the girls you can learn to get. Normally these are classes that take a day or weekend, but here you can learn all the important tips that will make you an unstoppable lothario. For your chance to win classes with Richard simply enter our competition here.

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