11 tips to get any woman you want!

Posted by , 25 August 2009

Get out of the friend-zone/get back with an ex

Get out of the friend-zone/get back with an ex

The what? We’ve all been so close to the girl we want that all you can smell is her, but all she can smell is a needy friend. Get onto her radar as a potential boyfriend. No, better than that – as the one she desperately wants.

How to get it:
It’s a myth that this is a bad thing. You have a better chance as a mate than any random would, so don’t lay all your cards on the table immediatly.
1/ Treat her like the friend that she thinks she is to you. Play it cool. Pat her on the back when you meet up like you would a mate, check out other women when you’re with her.
2/ Show her you're sexual. Talk about your love life even if it doesn’t exist: “I went to a lovely Italian restaurant last night.” She immediately asks, shocked, “with who?” to which you mysteriously respond, “a friend”.
3/ Remember that as friends she should want you to get a girlfriend so talking about that shouldn’t be a problem.
4/ Take away the feeling she could have you whenever. Like you treat other mates, don’t always answer her calls, take your time texting back if at all, you chose what to do.

Closing the deal:
The move has to be spontaneous. Dial up the tension playfully by flirting subtly – hitting each other gently, tickling, nudging, just make it physical like a boyfriend and girlfriend would do comfortably, with no pressure.

The finale: Get eye contact before the kiss. When it happens pull away after a bit and say, “what are we doing?” then kiss some more and say, “it’s wrong” then kiss on. This way you have taken away any pressure on her to be in a relationship and she will think, why doesn’t he want to date me? Then she'll want you to want her.

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