What's your exact job title?

Host - Sheffield exclusive VIP Bar named Crystal (responsible for vip area and VIPs).

What age will you be this March?


Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and who gave you it and why?


Why did you enter High Street Honeys?

Because my dream as a model is to be published in the "world's best magazine"! Can’t get much better, I see FHM as the top pinnacle of my modelling career.

Why should readers vote for you?

Because it’s my dream, I’d actually be speechless if I won (I know that’s hard to imagine!) And I’d put 110% into making it my career and winning Honeys, I’d take every opportunity to use it as a stepping stone, it would open so many doors for me.

What did you think of the shoot?

I love it! It was amazing, I especially loved the filming parts and bouncing on the bopper!

What makes you a good choice as a TV presenter?

I don’t take myself too seriously, I’m up for doing crazy things and being silly, I really enjoy it, I feel natural when being filmed and I talk so much if I could do it as a job it would be bloody amazing!

What TV programme would you ideally like to present and why?

Something like Sunday Night Project, lots of comedy sketches, interviewing celebrities and being able to say almost anything.

Which programme would you hate to present and why?

Something like Countdown or Time Team, how boring...

Who would you like to present with and why?

Vernon Kay, Justin Lee Collins, Alan Carr or Stuart Hood! We would make a good team, have a laugh and the accents are great!

Recall your worst fashion disaster.

As a child I have many, my mum dressed me in frilly socks and frilly dresses although my worst has to be when I used to wear Kappa popper tracksuit bottoms! Oh dear, the shame!

Who would you hate to present with and why?

Someone that is boring or old like the guy from Time Team or that nature documentary guy (I think he’s called David Attenborough or something?)

Describe the outfit you'd wear on your first day?

It would take me a while to decide but probably a nice dress and killer shoes, it’s all about the shoes!

What would you do with the £10,000 prize?

Use it to move to London and pursue my career, and save a bit to take my girl mates to Ibiza or Marbella have a party to celebrate!

What would it mean to you to win this competition?

Everything, it may sound clichéd but it really would, it’s been my dream for so long, I’d use every opportunity from the experience and winning to push for the career I want. I know it’s what I’m supposed to be doing and I’ll not stop till I achieve it, I really really really want to win!

What football team do you support?

I support Sheffield United.

Where's your favourite place to go shopping (place, not shops themselves)?


What's the best thing about the city you live in?

Lots of fit men!

What's the worst thing about the city you live in?

Nothing - I love living in Sheffield!

What's your typical weekend night-out?

Go to my best friend’s house and get ready, have a few drinks then go out to the bars and meet the rest of the girls. Then off to a nightclub for a boogie! After that, go to Harlequins for an amazing pizza and cheese 'n' chips place in Sheffield!

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