A Man's Guide: How to Buy Lingerie

Posted by , 02 December 2010

Men's lingerie buyer's guide: the girl's view

Men's lingerie buyer's guide: the girl's view

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    Men's lingerie buyer's guide: where to shop

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    Men's lingerie buyer's guide: going to extremes

Former Blue Peter present and Miss Northern Ireland 1999 finest Zoe Salmon knows a thing or two about lingerie:

1. She looks mighty fine in it.

2. She knows what she (and your gift recipient) likes, and she's going to tell you all about it right here on FHM.com - with accompanying pics of Page 3 model Danni Wells posing in it...

"I've never actually been given a gift of lingerie. I have been gifted with PJs, but it was the most hideous present I've ever received.

It was from my boyfriend - now ex, obviously! Despite the fact I wear a nightie to bed, he got me two pairs of pyjamas. One would have been bad enough, but two?! They said ridiculous things like 'Grumpy But Gorgeous' and 'Sweet dreams' with pictures of sweets all over. It was like something you would give to a nine-year-old.

So my point is - don't think outside the box. I wore nighties because I don't like PJs. The same rule applies to lingerie. If she wears thongs don't buy her French knickers. If she likes a padded bra don't buy her a flimsy non-underwired one. You might like it, but that's not the point. You don't have to wear it. She won't feel sexy in something she's not used to.

Look at what she wears and buy her something similar. For instance: if she normally wears white or nude underwear, buy her the same style and shape, but perhaps in black lace or red satin. Go to a department store where there is an entire floor dedicated to lingerie and choose a classy brand.

Women's bodies are all different and we all have our lingerie likes and dislikes. I mainly wear black or nude, I am not a fan of multi-colours. I think it can look cheap. I prefer thongs to any other type of underwear and my favourite material is lace. I love Victoria's Secret.

And the final piece of advice - include the gift receipt. You have been warned!"

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