11 tips to get any woman you want!

Posted by , 25 August 2009

On the street random

On the street random

The what? Ever been on the escalators and seen a girl going the other way and had huge eye contact that left you in a mini-love? These tips let you go after her and not only avoid looking desperate, but actually make her overjoyed you had the balls to do the scary thing.

How to get it: First you need to stop her, then follow these steps:
1/ The opener: Use questions like, “where’s Trafalgar?” There are two types of opener:
i/ Direct Opener: “I was on my way somewhere and saw you and knew if I didn’t stop and say hello I’d regret it all day, I’m…”
ii/ Indirect Opener: “I need advice, my friend was called away on a last minute business trip and I promised I would get him a £200 present for his girlfriend. I’m a bit stuck though, would you have any ideas?” – This is good to use anywhere and attracts girls with the possibility of a free shopping trip.
2/ Personal: Talk a minute before asking her about herself. You don’t want to be invasive initially. Then ask, “what are you doing today? What films/music do you like?”

Closing the deal:
Get her number by finding common ground and suggesting you both go to something together. “Do you like clubbing?”, “Yes.” “My mate's and I are going to this great club soon, do you fancy coming along?”

The finale: For the instant date: “I’m meeting my mates in an hour, do you fancy a quick coffee?”

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