Since 1999 Myhotels have operated in a couple of London locations. They’ve now branched out to the seaside, with a vast 80-room property in Brighton’s North Laines area. The lobby’s like something out of Blake’s 7, with monolithic lumps of crystal and giant fish tanks surrounding asymmetric furniture. Once up in the rooms the vibe gets a bit more Clockwork Orange; industrial rubber floors in bright orange, huge sculpted white beds in the middle of the room, curved window seats looking out over the town, state-of-the-art soundsystems with speakers mounted in the ceiling, laptop stations and plasma screens. Once you’ve enjoyed strolling round naked high above the hundreds of oblivious tourists in the square, you can head down to the bar and restaurant and rejoin modern civilisation. In short, this place looks like how your flat would if you had limitless money and flawless taste. And very few possessions.

Doubles from £125 per night. 01273 900300;