11 tips to get any woman you want!

Posted by , 25 August 2009

Public sex

Public sex

The what? That time when you just have to get the girl right where you are, even if there are people about. Or more to the point because there are people about. Naughty risk, but the police probably won’t mind if they catch you. Probably.

How to get it: Use subtle moves that others can’t see. Make normal chat with one girl while touching the leg of the one you want – this lets her see you can be subtle and makes it a conspiracy between the two of you. Take a drink and place it near her, brushing past her boobs giving her a cheeky smirk as you do it... several times – she knows you’re doing it on purpose but others don’t. Keep building slowly in this way.

Closing the deal:
Bring out her adventurous side by challenging her saying, “I really don’t like it when girls aren’t comfortable with their sexuality.” Then say something like, “all women that get turned on enough will try anything.”

The finale:
Find a private spot in the club/bar/party and slip your hand into her backless dress or down the back of her jeans. To others it looks harmless but she knows you are being very sexual with her and she is allowing it in public. Then suggest, “let’s do something crazy and go to the bathroom together.” Make sure to tip the attendant a tenner for maximum safety.

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