The Bingham

Weekends away are all well and good, but it’s hard to find a venue that is suitable for both of you. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere with spa treatments is fine for her, but likely to have you eyeing up the perimeter fence like a convict before too long. Somewhere minimalist and boutique might fulfil your dreams of being a trans-national power broker, but might leave her wondering why you’re paying so much to sleep in a small box. Cue The Bingham on the south-west fringe of London. Away from Richmond town centre and overlooking the river, it feels like you’re well out of ‘the grind’. Petal- and candle-filled rooms housing four-poster beds and whirlpool baths keep the luxury quota nice and high; the nearby riverside bars, high-tech in-room entertainment and manly art deco furniture should keep you happy. Just 20 minutes from central London by train and easily accessible from the Home Countries, this should see the pair of you getting through the weekend without a single barney.

Rooms from £190 per night. 61-63 Petersham Road, Richmond,