Evolution demands it

Back in caveman days, if a woman was fully naked she was someone else's property, says couples expert Simone Bienne. By wearing at least something, a man looks at her differently - as his present.

You'll be good

Women who update their lingerie collection have more faithful husbands. It's like making love without actually doing it, says Simone.

Sex Advice

It'll be like when you met

Your brains will think you're doing something new, says sexpert Simone, which stimulates the 'love hormone' PEA that's active during the first 6-12 months of a relationship.

She'll like it

Dressing up isn't just for men - it allows women to get into their fantasy world and be their favourite sexy character - a pair of killer heels and a G-string gives the impression of being uninhibited and up for a great time. It allows a woman to get in touch with the vixen in her.

She'll reach Nirvana

We all crave intimacy and connection, says TV's 'The O Coach', Dr Lisa Turner. At the moment of orgasm the ego surrenders and worries drift away. Make sure she feels involved - when she's dressed up make love to her rather than the outfit - and the feeling she gets will make her want to do it again.

Go at her pace

If she's into basic Marks and Sparks lingerie, go out and get her something from M&S - just slightly more racy, suggests Lisa. Work up gradually.

Weird sofa sex

Show your appreciation

This is vital, insists Lisa, women approach relationships from the perspective of being loved and honoured. Tell her that she takes your breath away normally - let alone when she's dressed up for you.

And if she won't do it

If she's not into it, then just don't even go there, says Lisa. You'll upset her and if it's the sort of thing you're really into, you're probably in the wrong relationship.

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