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Posted by , 25 August 2009

The boss

The boss

The what? An authority figure that needs to be controlling at work, but might want to be controlled in a more intimate environment. Or just the copy room.

How to get it: Work late as a good employee. This is a slow burning one that requires hard work and effort. Show two sides, a pro in the office who ignores her largely, but a fun guy out of work who entertains her and makes her laugh while teasing.

Closing the deal:
Cut out the fun side in the office so she misses that. Remember that she's more worried about blowing cover than you in the work place. In the bar situation say something to the effect of, “we shouldn’t do it. You might not be able to play it cool in the office like me.” She will want you to handle her so say, “you may be my boss at work but in the bedroom there’s only one boss.” Be sure to keep raising the objections.

The finale:
On a late night project or when you are both alone in the office slip into your out of office character. Use a direct line like, “this desk is at an interesting height, what could you do with that?” Or the classic, “I lost something in the stationary cupboard. Can you help me find it?… Look down there.”

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