11 tips to get any woman you want!

Posted by , 25 August 2009

The stripper

The stripper

The what? The hottest girl you've ever seen in real life who can also dance, smile while you chat bollocks, and then give you the best sex session of your life. Richard La Ruina’s favorite because, as he says, “they come to you!”

How to get it: This can be tough as they see you simply as a business transaction initially. You need to make her see you as a potential boyfriend. Set yourself apart by not being a regular (perv). When they ask why you’re there, say, “my friend dragged me down here”.

Break her set pattern of regularity in conversation by taking control. Don’t ask her the usual questions, bearing in mind they hate stripping and have dreams of being models or actresses. Talk about those dreams, asking, “obviously you’re doing this at the moment, but what else are you doing/working towards? What are your passions?” This way you're talking to the real girl, not the stripper.

Saying, “you should probably get back to work or your boss will get angry”, is a great line as they have no boss but pay to be there. This allows you to test if they really want to hang about with you.

Make sure to enquire casually, while being standoffish and facing slightly away from her. When she starts to talk about her passions, turn to face her and show genuine interest.
Remember she's very sexually confident so give it back if she tries to intimidate you. If she moves in, do the same to her a little, but don’t be sleazy. Show her you can handle her.

Closing the deal: They’re not allowed to give out numbers, so you can use two methods to get it.
1/ Use your phone’s voice recorder – it looks like you're on a call but you're actually taking her number.
2/ Write your number on paper or a napkin and hand it over subtly.
These methods show you know the business, which they appreciate. Being knowledgeable and name dropping management is a big plus for you. Make it clear you’re not a punter but know the girls/managers from elsewhere (a cool club like Punk is good).

The finale: She is a confident alpha female so be dominant, leave romance as she will make it clear what she likes. Use dirty talk and acrobatic moves while testing the waters and pushing boundaries. She won’t get easily emotionally attached so be sure to play it cooler than her. Remember they work odd hours and are often foreign, so simply being there to give them company can usually be enough. Don’t put pressure on her. Then introduce her to your mum.

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