11 tips to get any woman you want!

Posted by , 25 August 2009

The workmate

The workmate

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    The supermodel (the ten)

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    Get out of the friend-zone/get back with an ex

The what? That girl who comes over to your desk occasionally. The one you see when getting tea that makes your blood rush. The one that you miss when she’s off sick. That one.

How to get it:
Be alpha and commanding regardless of your rank. This doesn’t mean swinging your dick around ordering people about, like a king sized prick. Just know your power limits and don’t let anyone infringe upon them. Show you're comfortably in control of your own boundaries.
Build up the teasing for months, there’s no rush. Have playful banter – make you the highlight of her day.

Closing the deal: Get her out of the office. Talk to her about what she likes then you won’t need to ask her on a date, just go to something she likes and invite her to join you and your mates with some of hers. Emails are cool but make sure to keep things physical as often as possible.

The finale:
Raise objections about the idea of you ever being a couple. That way she'll want it to happen and actively make sure it does – less work for you. Just keep taking the piss and generally flirting until that moment arrives when she obviously wants you to kiss her.

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