Diesel Turbo Denim challenge

Posted by , 29 November 2010

Day eight

Day eight

# 4 Spill

I'm not entirely sure how, but I managed to spill something on my jeans on Saturday night. Judging by the colour and texture, it's paint, which is a relief, although quite how it got there is anyone's guess. I went to a party, then a pub, then another pub, but at no point did I come into contact with white paint. But it's there so.... that's another one down...

I'm not that pleased that i've got paint on my jeans but as it's not obvious, i'm pretty sure i can struggle on and keep wearing the jeans, which, by the way, are rapidly becoming my favourite pair. Stockholm syndrome? Maybe. More likely, they just fit really, really well.

Distress levels: Jeans 4/5 Me 5/5

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