Diesel Turbo Denim challenge

Posted by , 13 December 2010

Day eighteen

Day eighteen

#5 Stretch

Have a look at today's picture from Diesel and see if you can see what they're suggesting I do....Yeah, so as much as that would probably be great and all, I figured a safer bet would be to get a friend to pull my jeans very hard, thus stretching them. Two friends enlisted- one to pull, one to photograph, the resulting picture occurred.

Whether that's actually done anything to the jeans I couldn't say, but after twenty odd days of wearing them, wear and tear is starting to show. They're scuffed at the knees, creases are beginning to become permanent and they're taking on that worn in hue. In shirt, they still look good. Even if they smell a bit.

Distress levels: Jeans 2/5 People watching this hellish scene 5/5

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