Diesel Turbo Denim challenge

Posted by , 25 November 2010

Day seven

Day seven

#21 Smear

The nearest bench to me is located in a park. And what are parks in London full of during the day? No, not kids and squirrels. The answer is tramps. So, as I sat, rubbing my bum on a bench in Soho, I was accosted by a man who had fallen on hard times. I think he thought that he'd found in me, a kindred spirit. I had to inform him that sadly, that was "not the case mate. I'm working."  He looked at me incredulously and walked off.  Fair point I suppose.

In other news, the bench was damp and there was some bird poo on it that I hadn't noticed. Only in these circumstances can this be viewed as a bonus. The damp bench has definitely left a mark too.

Distress levels: Jeans 4/5 Tramp 5/5

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