Diesel Turbo Denim challenge

Posted by , 15 December 2010

Day twenty

Day twenty

# 25 Grind

Yes, we've altered another challenge slightly, but that's ok, because it's a good one. Ish. Today I decided to attack my denim with a knife rather than getting some poor girl to grind all up on me. Granted it was a plastic knife, but after about five minutes of vigorous rubbing (stop it), my knees definitely took on a more faded look. My actual knee got pretty sore too so don't try it at home. Or if you do take your jeans off first.

A good result- lots of distressing and it looks like maybe I skid about on my knees a lot. People will either think I'm carefree or a weirdo.

Distress levels: Jeans 4/5 Knees 5/5

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