Diesel Turbo Denim challenge

Posted by , 17 December 2010

Day twenty one

Day twenty one

#17 Sand

Bit of trouble uploading yesterday so there will be two posts today, the first being yesterday's. Got it? In lieu of an electric sander, and actually wanting to be able to wear these jeans when I've finished the challenge, I decided to use a cheese grater instead. To that end, at 8am this morning, my flat mate was forced to take a photo of me grating the back pockets of my jeans. Our relationship will never be the same again.

This worked very, very well. The fabric is frayed and the back pockets have taken on a fuzzy, worn in feel. My cheese grater has denim residue stuck inside it.

Distress levels: Jeans 5/5 The next person to make cheese on toast: 5/5

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