Answer: they're all in our list of internet awesomeness.

Here's our weekly guide to what's blowing our minds right out of our retinas this week, and should also be blowing yours. Enjoy.

15  Gal Gadot is officially the sexiest person to play a superhero ever. Here's why.

14  All we want for Christmas this year is this jetpack.

13  We've created the FHM Beer Club so you can get awesome booze straight to your door. Check it out here.

12  This girl showed the world how to up your twerking.


11  These real-life Ron Burgundy types will make you LOL your pants off.

10  DJ BBQ and FHM's Kick-Ass Kitchen will change cooking forever.

09  The Oxford University women's rugby team made this awesome calendar. Buy it here.


08  On top of that, we've been delivering you a very sexy online FHM advent calendar. Here's Monday's offering... see more here.

07  We made our Upgrade Editor Dan strap a GoPro to his head and do awful exercises. It was hilarious.


06  Marvel at the power of the lip bite.


05  American weather girls are the best weather girls ever.


04  The Aussies won a place in our hearts by making this condom advert that then got banned.

03  The best skate video you'll ever see.

02  We've got an awesome calendar out now.


01  Ron Burgundy is officially the first man on an FHM cover in 20 years. Behold!